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Board of Directors

J. Michael Cox, Board President

Will Thompson, Vice-President

Caleb Loftis, Treasurer

Karol Wade Wright, Secretary

Kim Boswell, Past-President

Katherine Gambill, DFPS

Morris Stewart, NCSO

Jana Miller, Juvenile Probation

Lynda Housley

Gail Moran

Deanna Kirk

Malinda Veldman

Betsy Stroder

Raymond Linex

Donna Rogers

Faith Boyd

Scott Stephens, Fundraising Chairman



Jenny Bratton, Executive Director

Lydia Bailey, CAC Program Director

Kayla Wilkinson, Director of Clinical Services

Shannon Gallagher, CASA Program Director

Amy Jackson, Forensic Interviewer

Johanna Tanner, Family Advocate

Maria Rico, Client Relations Specialist

Chris Schell, CASA Care Coordinator

Who We Are:

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